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Jumanji the next level movie review also known as Jumanji 3. Jumanji the next level is a new best latest upcoming Hollywood movie 2019. So today we are going to review new latest Hollywood movies 2019 which is Jumanji 3 also it known as Jumanji the next level is once again directed by Jake Kasdan and stars TheRock (Dwayne Johnson), Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian, Awkwafina, Danny DeVito and Danny Glover. This time around Spencer played by Alex wolf disappears into Jumanji 3 and everyone has to go inside to try to find him in this new Hollywood movies 2019 but the game of Jumanji 3 has changed and the avatars that they were the last time they played are completely switched around now which gives an opportunity for all the Hollywood actors inside Jumanji to play against type. 

Jumanji: the next level (Jumanji 3) Movie Review - Uslis

The last Hollywood movies Jumanji 2 was actually not too bad I mean Jumanji 2 was fine I'd never really felt like watching Jumanji 2 again but Jumanji 3 was nowhere near as bad as it looked or as some people suspected Jumanji 3 would be and this Jumanji 3 sequel was fast-tracked then Hollywood movies Jumanji 2 came out two years ago and this Jumanji is fall in a giant Hollywood movies series with a lot of special effects work and huge Hollywood actors Jumanji is a really big production so for this Jumanji 3 Hollywood movies to be coming out so quickly it's clear they were trying to capitalize on that success and sometimes that can be a really bad sign but I would say this Jumanji Hollywood film is just about as good as the last Jumanji 2 and since I mildly enjoyed those Hollywood movies and found it to be a pleasant time at the movies that I'm sure families will have a good time watching.

Jumanji: the next level - Final Trailer

I think this Jumanji 3 movie is going to do the same thing for people. Jumanji 3 is a well-paced movie something is always happening they're always in the middle of some dangerous activity or some crazy set that's moving and turning there's a really good Hollywood movies sequence with a bunch of wooden bridges that are swiveling around and an army of baboons that's coming to attack them and they have to jump between the bridges it reminded me of like a Mario game which I'm pretty sure is what they were trying to pay homage to in fact one of the better parts of the movie is that they do make fun of a lot of video game tropes and poke fun at video games the way certain characters talk the way non-player characters interact with people and how you can't get the information you need out of somebody because they're a non-player character and they're just going to keep repeating the same sentence over and over again no matter how hard you try.

Jumanji the next level movie review

If you're a gamer those types of things are going to be fun for you or they might start to grate on your nerves because it's obvious a lot of the jokes in the Jumanji movie can feel very obvious and very in-your-face there's not a lot of thinking behind it but that's not exactly what you would expect and it felt like this I would imagine and if you go into Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) thinking too hard about everything that's on screen you might start laughing in particular an event that happens towards the end of the Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) movie involving a horse if you really think about exactly what is occurring it's really funny possibly unintentionally.

Jumanji: the next level - Trailer 2

What I like most about Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) movie was that the actors of this Hollywood movies 2019 got to play against type that was something about the first film that was fun too this time around though in particular Kevin Hart I think really was the funniest part of the Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) movie because as a comedian he's usually a very loud and very boisterous and he's just a big presence but Danny Glover is controlling his avatar and when you think of Danny Glover you're usually thinking of someone who's very cool and fairly calm and I'm here Riggs get over here it's too old for this so Kevin Hart as a now senior citizen Danny Glover is rather genius what didn't always work for me was The Rock as Danny DeVito which on paper is like the funniest thing you could possibly imagine. I just don't know if he sold it as well as he could have he felt slightly outside of his comfort zone and not in a positive way. 

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I think he started to get into it part way through the movie but at first he seemed a little uncomfortable with it and the idea of these two Danny's Glover and DeVito being inside these much younger bodies discovering and remembering what it used to feel like when they were in better shape that's really clever those aspects of the movie I thought were really fun I don't think it's that surprising to say that I didn't really care about any of the characters or the storyline which that's kind of a failure I guess but I just don't expect much out of these movies. 

Jumanji the next level movie review

I just want to be entertained and at its core Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) is exactly what I thought it would be it's more of the same and if you liked that the first time around or I guess the second time around or the third time around if you count Zathura yeah then you'll probably like Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) and Let me know what you guys think about this Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) Hollywood movies 2019 put on the comment below and as always if you enjoyed my reaction and review to this Jumanji 3 (Jumanji the next level) Hollywood movies 2019 review make sure to hit the share button follow us on Facebook and twitter also subscribe the newsletter of 

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