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Mirror Game 2017 Movie review Bollywood Hindi film – uslis

Mirror Game 2017 Movie review Bollywood Hindi film – uslis

Mirror Game Bollywood Hindi Movie Review 2017 film is our today’s topic. Mirror Game full movie story cast are Parvin Dabas, Dhruv Bali, Pooja Batra, Omi Vaidya. Mirror Game Bollywood movies release Date is on 2nd June 2017 was directed by Vijit Sharma.  Mirror Game 2017 is one of the under rated Bollywood Suspense thriller Film.
When we talk about Bollywood suspense films then the name of the suspense films that crop in our mind are “Woh Kaun Thi”, “Dhun”, “Drishyam”, “Gupt”, “Khiladi” etc.  Mirror Game films are filled with thrill and suspense. However, the Mystery movie lovers have already seen these films.  Now for the Mystery movie lovers have the only option to see the Mystery and Thriller movies that will be released in the coming years or any Crime, Mystery, Thriller film that they have somehow missed or not yet watched.  Now today we are going to discuss on a film that most of the Crime, Mystery, and Thriller film lovers might have not seen yet. It could be because the film does not have a huge star cast or it could be for the lack of promotion.

Mirror Game 2017 Full Movie Bollywood Suspense thriller Film

We are discussing about a Mystery, Thriller film called Mirror Game that was released on 2nd June 2017 starring Parvin Dabas who has already proved his acting skill in the film “Khosla Ka Ghosla”. Apart from him Omi Vaidya, Pooja Batra is also in the leading star cast of this film. According to my opinion the film is not perfect in terms of editing, execution and direction.  However, the storyline is really good and it would let you get off from your seat in the middle of the film. The story of Mirror Game movie is based in US. The story of the Mirror Game film is based on a professor who is suffering from depression.  His wife got an affair with another person and she wants to divorce the professor.  Mirror Game story starts with a missing case and there are lots of twists throughout the film which will make you watch it till the end.  The Mirror Game Bollywood Suspense thriller Movie does have some weak sequences however that will not decline the main suspense of the film.  There are not too many characters in this film which makes the audiences to judge the Mirror Game Bollywood Suspense thriller Movie very easily. However, the film continues to keep the suspense till the end.

Mirror Game movie Song Lists

  1. Dagha   Singer - Prashant Vadhyar
  2. Peecha Chorey Na  Singer- Shilpa Surroch
  3. Chor Police  Singer- Vishal  J Singh
  4. Jaahil  Singer- Sneha Khanwalkar
  5. In My Way  Singer- Derick Gomes
  6. Angel Of Chances (Ronnie's Song)  Singer- Esfand
  7. Jay's Theme Singer - Kasturi Nath Singh
We have very less suspense movies in Bollywood reason being lack of good storyline. At times it has also happened that even if the story is full suspense however we are unable to see that suspense in that film due to lack of direction. You may relate some sequences in the first half of the film with the film called “HumRaaz” or there are some scenes that you can relate with “Kartick Calling Kartick”.  However, as the film moves it takes a different route altogether. You may find some Hollywood touch in this film could be because the film is based in US. Parvin Dabas plays an excellent role in this film as Prof. Jay Verma.  However, the role played by Dhruv Bali was not as expected. In this Mirror Game Bollywood Suspense thriller Movie we had more expectations from Omi Vaidya.

Mirror Game 2017 Movie review

Mirror Game Bollywood Suspense thriller film lacks in Background music. It could be that the film director was planning to make something different. There are very few songs in this films that moves along with the film. The film is a bit slow. But the climax of this film is great.  People who love suspense film and are fond of Hollywood suspense film, they will love to watch this film.  
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