Special Ops Web Series review new latest Hindi Hotstar Web Series - Uslis

Special Ops Web Series review new latest Hindi Hotstar Web Series - Uslis

Special Ops Web Series review new latest Kay Kay Menon Hindi Hotstar Web Series 2020 film. Special Ops Web Series star cast, release date and, images are our today’s topic. Special Ops Web Series full story casts are Kay Kay Menon, Karan Ashar, Rajat Kaul. Special Ops Web Series was created by Neeraj Pandey. 

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It was very much interested to know what the Hotstar web series Special Ops starring Kay Kay Menon in the lead role had to offer. The Hotstar web series Special Ops focuses on the research and analysis wing of India which is head by Himmat Singh played by Kay Kay Menon and how he with the help of five officers that have trained under his mentor-ship find the sixth man possibly responsible for the Parliament attacks of 2001 and several others that ravaged India. How the 19 years search for the man develops across several countries and how an impending attack is tackled by the intelligence department is the premise of Special Ops. I have extremely mixed feelings about this Special Ops Hotstar web series and this is coming from a Neeraj Pandey fan undoubtedly his first film of Wednesday is his strongest in his filmography but there are certain elements of his filmmaking namely his intricate detailing in his story development that stands out.

I would say that it is a stretched Hotstar web series, what you will experience while watching the Special Ops Hotstar web series is that the creators could have easily concluded it within 5 or 6 episodes. The issue is that Neeraj Pandey has not catered to the medium which is an online streaming platform but treats each episode of Special Ops like his Bollywood films. Grand in many ways super filmy and effective only in moments, if you are fans of Bollywood films like “Baby” and “Naam Shabana” the Hotstar web series Special Ops is presented in the same pitch as those films. So you can expect montages of agents throwing money and dance bars to come into the good books of a goon the terrorists praying in the middle of the desert a deep dive into the personal lives of the agents with them professing their love for each other hilariously being a little too self-aware by calling it cheesy and corny because it is. There will be a sequence of a man with his Auto acting like he is Bollywood actor John Abraham from Bollywood film Dhoom, a drunken interrogation will happen that mimics a 90 comedy sequence of a man being uncontrollably slapped and a newly appointed terrorist that loves to visit the mall and watch soft porn on television. The point is that in many ways several sequences of the film could have been shelved and it would have led to a way more crisp and effective web series. 

The heart and soul of Special Ops Hotstar web series is Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh, the man is a legend. A capable performer whom we have seen in various memorable roles, be it Bollywood film Gulaal, Bollywood Movie Paanch or my favorite Shaurya, he possesses such tangible intensity. His body language staying calm in crisis situations and soft an overprotective nature that naturally comes out in his household account for the best moments from the series every single interrogation in the Hotstar web series of him talking to some random goon or even Ajmal Kasab really are the iconic moments of this Special Ops web series. Throughout the episodes Kay Kay Menon’s role mirrored that of Hollywood actor Russell Crowe from the Hollywood film Body of Lies providing all the necessary orders to take place on the ground. I mentioned the veterans as the impactful performers as these are people that we have seen for multiple years in several films and shows.

Vinay Pathak as a boss police officer trying to prove himself day in and day out with Himmat Singh is spectacular. There is an effortless nature with which these veteran actors swear and it never comes across as crass. Something Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai did so beautifully in the Bollywood TV series The Family Man. Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak and Kay Kay Menon have that same effortless quality. In the brief appearance Bollywood actress Divya Dutta as Sadia a character I can't tell you much about will leave a lasting impression. I mean its Divya Dutta even in a short span of time she can impress you. Gautami Kapoor as Saroj, Himmat Singh's wife also believed a smile on your face. Both the husband and wife share some earnest moments and possess great chemistry. The constant no joke of the teenage daughter independence and parenting really are brilliant. The operation officers honestly do a commendable job with the written material provided to them but these are not performances that will deeply impact you or be memorable in the future years to come. Out of the five agents Karan as Faruk has the most heavy lifting to do but he falters in being convincing in several intense moments. 

Special Ops Web Series review new latest Hindi Hotstar Web Series - Uslis

What really works in any thriller heist or secret agent operation series is that if it really has an effective antagonist to combat. A vision of a person that is so uncontrollable or skewed that it's tough to find any form of Achilles heel but the main antagonist in this web series Special Ops, half is played by Sajjad Delafrooz is a monotone and boring one that in several sequences made me snoozes off. He has the same stoic in monotone delivery as he had in Bollywood Movie Tiger Zinda Hain, you will honestly feel that it is just an extension or a cooler version of the same character all of the allies of the antagonist speak in the same singsong manner. 

The Hotstar web series Special Ops has several characters with unnecessary quirks a goon who seeks for chocolate because he has high BP, a stereotypical Bengali interrogator that tries too hard to be funny. It reminded me of stand-up comedians bombing on stage and a tiring sequence of recruiting the officers in a wannabe Justice League style. The issue is that the series tries too hard to be quirky and charming but falls flat each time the gags seem forced rather than natural weaving the story and cinematography. What cannot be taken away from a creator like Bollywood director Neeraj Pandey said he has a brilliant way of designing a fictional story by incorporating several theories around real events. So being the Parliament attacks of 2001, the 2008 attacks of Mumbai or the 2013 Muzaffarnagar Nagar riots. 

The creator has a brilliant way of designing motivations for characters due to several real-life events. It in many ways will make you think about the several possibilities the masses have no idea about the countless conspiracy theories that we consider to be far-fetched revolving around some horrible moments of Indian history might actually be true, a technical aspect as well that you will notice throughout the series is the pattern of long shots through many episodes, these rings from just sit-down interactions between characters as well as chase sequences a praiseworthy feature for both the creators as well as the actors on the project. I want to conclude by saying that Bollywood director Neeraj Pandey’s work of art has a huge fan base, if any story can be told by integrating a real-life event specifically terrorist activity in the country Bollywood director Neeraj Pandey seems to have created a niche for him in this genre of cinema. 

The problem is that the web series format and Special-Ops specifically suffers from being too stretch to come to its conclusion, it transports us to scenic locations all across the globe, showcasing the several roles these agents have to play in possibly the most thankless job of the world, leading for it to becoming a tiring journey to be invested in. Bollywood Hotstar web series The Family man suffered from one trope that is similar to this one, of caricature is antagonists but was effortlessly funny engaging and most importantly grounded in reality, there is lead audiences begging for a second season what Special Ops, if you love Neeraj Pandey style of films Bollywood actor Kay Kay Menon with this perfect portrayal of Himmat Singh will fully engross you also it is in the smooth ride along all the long eight episodes.

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