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Guilty new latest Netflix Hindi Movie Review 2020 films - Uslis

Guilty new latest Netflix Hindi Movie Review 2020 films - Uslis

Guilty new latest Netflix Hindi Movie review 2020 film. Guilty movie star cast, release date, Budget, poster and images are our today’s topic. Guilty full movie story cast are Kiara Advani, Manu Rishi Chadha, Dalip Tahil. Guilty Bollywood movies release Date is on 6th March 2020 was directed by Ruchi Narain. 

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The next offering by Karan Johar on Netflix after quite the atrocious run with drive and then the dating reality TV show what the love was the film Guilty starring Kiara Advani in the lead role the film which presented a promising first look focuses on a girl called Nanki played by Kiara Advani and how her boyfriend gets accused of raping someone how this accusation leads to the opening of an investigation to come to the bottom of whether such a gruesome act was committed Nanki in the process facing her own demons and the officials coming to the bottom of what exactly happened on 14 February 2018 is the premise of guilty the film aims at shedding light on the class differences in society the existence of inherent privilege in society the concept of consent specifically pertaining to physical intimacy and most importantly highlighting the hurdles faced by individuals who are victims to traumatic events.

The issue in this movie Guilty that I'm talking about while seeing this is inconsequential to the impact of the web series holistically but I'm mentioning them so that I hope I'm not the only one who notices this so whenever there is a web series or a movie that is based in college specifically when it is a Hindi film or TV series it tends to write the material so that it can be relatable to a particular demographic this, in turn, leads to many forced dialogues just placed in order to hit every empty box with Millennials or the gen Z so if a character wants to have a doob she'll shout pass me the Dube rather than just naturally taking it while a man is introducing a woman about to give a speech a person in the audience would say enough of this mansplaining the band that is in the forefront of the story is called dooby-doo crew so my only gripe is that the attempt to connect with a particular demographic just comes out as corny and forced.

Guilty Netflix Movie Review

Guilty film presents some brilliant performances from the entire ensemble cast and the encouraging part of this is that many of the people in the cast are unknown faces let's go to Kiara Advani first she plays the role of nan key a person who puts forth a strong demeanor to the public but is extremely vulnerable and frail in the inside she's posed fancy colored hair and a lot of tattoos but it slowly unravels how all of them are just projections of the deeply embedded insecurities and trauma that she has faced all her life.

Kiara Advani is very convincing in the role and has been on quite a rampage since Kabir Singh clearly proving that she is more than capable with meaty roles and being at the helm of affairs Anushka Ranjan Kapoor plays the role of Tanu promiscuous and shop woman from Dhanbad who accuses VJ played by Gurfateh Singh Pirzada the son of an influential family of rape accounts is commendable in her role of portraying a girl from a small town that is exposed to the worlds of haves and have-nots and the cruel and murky nature with which justice is served Gurfateh possesses the identical demeanor of a rich privileged and ignorant spoiled brat from New Delhi that gets what he wants all the time a special mention has to be given to Taher Shabbir as Danish the lawyer conducting several interviews and he possesses such a calm and confident energy in front of the camera this character possesses some form of humanity in this dirty world where everything and everyone can be bought Dilip Tahil, Manu Rishi, Niki Walia all these veterans as well as the college band members put forth great performances.

Writing in treatment while I present the corny dialogues of the film as it's underwhelming aspects the writing by Kanika Dhillon and Ruchi Narain on what matters basically the case getting uncovered with several testimonies is worth praising there are many aspects of society that slowly get unraveled as the case develops and you notice how individuals from every section of society react to the case of someone being accused of rape these characters range from lawyers involved batch mates family members of the victims as well as the accused and more importantly the community which involves the entire college and Indian society the entire College questions the dressing sense and promiscuous nature of the girl they are easy to jump to the privilege of the man and alluded to him being the abuser I was extremely worried about the act of violence and the way it would be showcased on screen but I bow my head in respect that it was not portrayed in some perverse manner the treatment of the matter in hand is dealt with a lot of sensitivity and tact and hence its effectiveness increases by a large extent the reality and relevance the movie is extremely important to be witnessed by our generation its reality and relevance is scary to real and prevalent all around us it makes us question our own judgment of individuals as we conclude several aspects about them by just looking at them. 

Guilty Netflix Movie Review

All the way they speak we correlate the lifestyle of individuals and put them on a pedestal believing that they can do no wrong not knowing the skeletons in their closets we often in protecting our own friends and family become blind to their toxic and problematic ways we're guilty of being on lookers to abuse or mistreatment and not taking action or speaking up and it was the most important we know many people in our friend group who despite the vast experiences and education still have ignorant perspectives about the opposite sex in the conservative society we live in today sex is still considered to be a topic not to be discussed often leading to our own children friends and family having no concept of what is consent in a physical relationship the film has done a brilliant job in raising several questions about issues that our society is plagued by today how in the day and age of oscillating news once the debate of the nation and now presented in minor cliff notes we often forget the most heinous acts committed and easily allow the perpetrators to assimilate and thrive how in a society where haves will always stomp over the have-nots the concept of moral justice and humanity gets blurry. 

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