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The Invisible Man 2020 Hollywood latest Horror Movie review - Uslis

The Invisible Man 2020 Hollywood latest Horror Movie review - Uslis

The Invisible Man new latest released Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Hollywood Movie review 2020 film. The Invisible Man movie star cast, release date, poster, and images are our today’s topic. The Invisible Man full movie story cast is Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer. The Invisible Man new latest Hollywood movies release Date is on 28 February 2020 was written and directed by Leigh Whannell

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One of the most popular new latest released Hollywood Movie “The Invisible Man” was directed by Hollywood director Leigh Whannell and stars Hollywood actresses Elisabeth Moss. This story is about a woman fleeing from an abusive boyfriend but things seem okay for a while when she learns that he has committed suicide and she's inherited five million dollars until an invisible force starts to stalk her and she believes this man has found a way to become invisible.

The Invisible Man - Official Trailer

Leigh Whannell has been one of my favorite Hollywood Director working in this new released Hollywood movies today since saw having written that film and shooting it on such a shoestring budget with James Wan and starring in it then working on insidious and upgrade which he directed which was awesome. I was very excited to see this movie but after films like I Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula Untold and The Mummy having another one of universals famous monsters being remade gave me some pause. Gratefully this is nothing like those movies at all this is a work of imagination that works in spades. 

You can technically include this new latest released Hollywood movie The Invisible Man with Hollywood movie Frankenstein and the Hollywood movie Mummy and Hollywood movie Dracula and all that but I never really thought they were of the same vein. Universal owns rights and there are all kinds of random but I always thought it was more of a sci-fi film which is definitely what HD Welles was going for with his original novella and Leigh Whannell has found a way to make this feel very modern. This is a little bit of science fiction but it's really more of a horror-thriller and at its center is an excellent performance by Hollywood actresses Elisabeth Moss who continues to impress and everything she does in this movie is really very good. While watching this new latest released Hollywood movie you would feel for her a lot because you can totally relate to what she's going through even if you're not a woman fleeing from an abusive man more than likely at some point in your life you have felt controlled by someone or gas lighted by someone or someone's made you feel like you're not worth anything and this is why I care so much about her character. 

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In this new latest released Hollywood movie The Invisible Man, this invisible man starts to torment her and it becomes apparent that she has to do something about it however she can't explain that to anybody. Nobody understands what she's going through. If you tell someone that an invisible man has attacked me then the person would consider being a crazy person who is why I'm kind of surprised this reimagining happens sooner because if you were to take that original story and put it in 2020. This is the way to do it. 

It is a smart emotionally effective and cost-effective way to make a Hollywood movie when you can build so much tension around something that isn't even on set because he constantly films couches or he'll pan away from an actor to the corner of the room and he's suggesting that this guy is sitting in that couch or he's standing in the corner and you start to look around even though you know you're not going to see him.

You look for signs that he's there in a lot of scenes where he may not have been and that's due to some really great suggestion with the camera and this movie proves what horror fans and some really good filmmakers have been saying for years and that suggesting things with the camera making your audience question what they're looking at. 

Introducing some mystery making you lean forward and wonder did I just see what I think I saw that's how you produce good scares. It's not about loud noises yes there are some effective jump scares in this Hollywood movie “The Invisible Man” but none of them are cheap. They're all really well done and the use of sound is really important to this movie because there are plenty of sequences that are very silent and you're almost listening for this guy's breath. 

The Invisible Man 2020

This movie “The Invisible Man” easily could have been very cheesy but it's committed to the psychological aspect of this horror what it's doing to Hollywood actresses    Elisabeth Moss and what it's doing to her relationships because this guy is super smart and he's got a plan and you can see it all coming into motion like dominoes just toppling perfectly the way he wants them to make this woman look as crazy as possible. But you are on her side so it's kind of an underdog story in a way too. I can't sing the directing and the acting enough praises all of that's really good. The script is also pretty good there's some good dialogue although there are some plot holes and some inconsistencies about certain things that I don't want to get into because of spoilers. But I'll traverse it carefully there's an aspect of transportation how someone is getting to and from places that kind of left me wondering at the end of this movie. How exactly that took place there's a very apparent uber driver parked outside someone's gate and I don't how they missed that driver waiting there. There are certain questions that I have and that kind of led me down a path of movie logic. Every movie has that where certain things just have to happen and the filmmaker is hoping you accept it even though it's a bit of a coincidence or it probably wouldn't happen that way in real life. 

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In this new latest released Hollywood Movie “The Invisible Man” there's a scene at a restaurant where if there is just even one security camera the movie ends basically or at least some of the tension ends and there's just a lot of questions that could be easily answered with security cameras and in a film that references security cameras often in someone's house outside someone's house you would think that they would also cover those bases too. It's a very easy fix instead of having that scene in a crowded restaurant. It could have been in someplace more private but at the same time for it to have its effect it had to be in front of people and so there's just there are questions that sort of relate to movie logic and if you're one of those people like me that sometimes goes hmm I don't know about that.

There are a few parts of the movie that might bug you but really those moments are few and far between and I don't think it did much at all to detract from my enjoyment of the movie. Now because it was just so beautifully acted and so well made and I respected their reimagining rather than like having Aaron Eckhart fight a bunch of monsters and Tom Cruise run from some bugs what was he running from scorpions I don't know the mummy. I am really excited to see what else Leigh Whannell I understand he's working on an escape from New York film that's exciting.

Please let me know what is your opinion about this The Invisible Man Movie Review of Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer and please put on the comment below and as always if you enjoyed my reaction and review of The Invisible Man film then make sure to hit the share button follow us on Facebook and Twitter also subscribe the newsletter of

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