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Jawaani Jaaneman Full Movie Watch Download Online Free

Jawaani Jaaneman Full Movie

Jawaani Jaaneman Full Movie Watch Download Online Free our today’s topic. Jawaani Jaaneman movie is a Bollywood commercial comedy Hindi Film. Jawaani Jaaneman movie starring Saif Ali Khan, Taboo and Alaya Furniturewala in her debut role. The release date of Jawaani Jaaneman upcoming Bollywood Hindi Movie is in 31 January 2020. Nitin Kakkar is the director of Jawaani Jaaneman Film.

Jawaani Jaaneman – Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Alaya Furniturewala

Saif Ali Khan in this year itself has featured in his most financially successful film in the form of Tanaji and that followed by the fun and quirky wipe of Jawaani Jaaneman movie had a lot of expectations circling around with the masses as his first look came out.  It is important to know that the director of the film Jawaani Jaaneman Nitin Kakkar known for the brilliant Filmistan after his states of creating production projects to suit the actors like for Mitro with Jackky Bhagnani and the notebook to launch two new faces finally gets more creative freedom with this film Jawaani Jaaneman. This Bollywood Hindi movie focuses on Jaswinder Singh, Jazz played by Saif Ali Khan who is in his mid-forties living an extremely comfortable and complacent life in London as a bachelor a man who loves to drink party and get laid after a night in the club and works in a real estate agency  run by the family the lifestyle of the manchild takes a sharp left turn as he bumps into Tia played by Alaya Furniturewala who claims to be his daughter how jazz comes to the conclusive realization that this is true crosses paths with the mother of the child in the form of a hippie.  In Jawaani Jaaneman film Ananya played by Tabu and how this dysfunctional family tries to fully grasp the gravity of the situation and in simpler terms work things out through several circumstances and challenges as they are tied biologically is the premise of Jawanni Jaaneman. 

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Here's me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film Jawanni Jaaneman so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to go for it or not. 

Jawaani Jaaneman Song lists

  • Ole Ole 2 - Amit Mishra, Abhijeet, Tanishk Bagchi
  • Gallan Kardi - Jazzy B, Jyotica Tangri, Mumzy Stranger, Prem Hardeep
  • Mere Baabula Madhaniyaa - Harshdeep Kaur, Akhil Sachdeva, Gourov Roshin
  • Bandhu Tu Mera - Yasser Desai, Gourov Roshin

Jawaani Jaaneman Full Movie

Jawaani Jaaneman Bollywood Hindi Movie the underwhelming aspects subplots and certain sequences of Jawaani Jaaneman Bollywood Hindi Film, see it's important to understand this this is definitely not a perfect film but majority films aren’t so there will be definitely moments where the movie transitions to subplots of inconsequential characters or prolong sequences to clearly communicate the intended goal often going into overkill drive without ruining much of the plot there is a sequence of male ego coming into the pictures there is a battle of shots and who can outlast the other that honestly carries on for way too long there are montages of the mid 40 year-olds dancing in the club to communicate the delusion and denial of characters at their age trying to fit in these points I enhanced through several characteristics in the film rather than these lengthy awkward dance numbers Chunky Pandey and the film who manages the club jazz frequently visits is highly forgettable in this film and I don't know what his stick is but he sounds exactly like aakhri pasta even in this Jawaani Jaaneman film. In this Jawaani Jaaneman Bollywood Hindi Movie Tia played by Alaya her love interest Rohan also sticks out like a sore thumb I'm not exactly sure what was the creative decision behind the odd character but you constantly wonder when he is in the frame on how such a mature character like Tia is with such a goofball which brings me to the next point character traits Tia is the child of Ananya and Jazz. 

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In many ways the children are reflections of their parents Ananya is a calm and carefree hippie who literally is okay with sending her 21 year old daughter to another country to find her father and Jazz is a man child who stays away from the concept of responsibility or commitment so how such characters produce a mature and pragmatic kid like Tia who is 21 by the way is tough to digest she speaks to everyone kindly makes friends easily has a deep empathy for others children often become an amalgamation of the way they were raised but the parents are so eccentric and honestly weird in this film you wonder how Tia is so level-headed and a product of these two wacky characters the good chemistry and performances the strongest quality of this film are undoubtedly the performances in the chemistry shared between several actors Saif Ali Khan over the years has proven with his eccentric choices on just what a versatile actor he is it's good to see him in a breezy commercial comedy and he is so bloody good at a man who shudders are the very thought of a family and children Jazz and secrecy dyes his hair and embarrassingly uses prescription glasses even though a character like jazz can come across as a perpetually horny middle aged man there is an effortless charm to the way Saif Ali Khan  portrays the immature Jazz.

In this Jawaani Jaaneman Bollywood Hindi Movie Alayais a daughter of Pooja Bedi and the granddaughter of Kabir Bedi now I don't know whether it's in the genes or the sheer hard work that I get to hear about in her interviews but Alaya on the big screen was a complete natural there is a sense of ease inner presence and delivery of dialogues in many ways Alaya  perfectly caught hold of the pitch of the film not exaggerating in comical scenes and similarly taking an understated approach with dramatic scenes the chemistry she shares with Saif Ali Khan  and the film grows on you as a creator's intended to design it.  In Jawaani Jaaneman Bollywood Hindi Movie Tabu despite having an extremely brief role is simply hilarious she reminds me of that one family member everyone has that constantly yaps about chakras spirituality and connecting with nature in family gatherings her back and forth with Saif Ali Khan  and her odd but relatable reactions are extremely memorable in the film in other brief roles Kumud Mishra Jazz's brother Farida Jalal as Jazz's mother are veterans in the game so every frame they feature in they prove why they are respected in the industry. Kubbra Sait an actor that I really want to see in more films as Jazz's hair stylist and friend leaves a lasting impression she is naturally funny and shares some brilliant chemistry with Saif Ali Khan in this film.  

Jawaani Jaaneman Full Movie

As far as Jawaani Jaaneman Bollywood Hindi Movie Dialogues are concerned, Hussain and Abbas Dalal are credited as the writers of the film and the dialogues of this film have a unique quality of being extremely real a feature that is often tough to find in commercial Hindi movies these days just citing a few examples you generally have hilarious moments where you think that would be anyone's reaction and emotional scenes it doesn't take the preachy route when Tia tells Jazz that it might be possible that he is her father he thinks about the incident and reaffirms that it is not possible because “May guard k bina batting nehi Karta” when Tabu’s character is judging says lifestyle of microwaving food Saif Ali Khan  replies to her by saying “Adha kilo tambaku pi leti aur microwave say cancer hoga?” The funniest according to me was a moment where the entire family has landed up at Jazz's house and he feels there has been a complete invasion of privacy to which Tabu replies time and space is just a concept to which Saif Ali Khan   replies “To Sarak pe rah lo”.  I have to conclude by saying that Jawaani Jaaneman is a breeze of a film yes the resolutions to certain contentions in the plot are very easily and conveniently found and it does trends to minor subplots and features oddly written supporting characters but the film with its performances and it's writing honestly comes across as a fun and enjoyable watch. It has genuinely heartfelt and effortlessly funny moments that lead to an enjoyable movie going experience it's not perfect but it aren’t that bad either

Jawaani Jaaneman Box Office Business Collection

Jawaani Jaaneman on the first day of release manage to earned Rs 3.24 crore at the domestic box office. On the second day, the movie able to collected Rs 4.55 crore. On the third day, the film box office collection is Rs 5.04 crore, if we taking about the total box office collection in its opening weekend is Rs 12.83 crore.

As of 16 February 2020, the film able to collect a box office business of Rs 32.95 crore in India and Rs 9.98 crore overseas, However Jawaani Jaaneman film has a worldwide Box Office gross collection is Rs 42.93 crore.

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