Black Mirror Netflix best TV series episodes review from Season 1 - 5 - uslis

Black Mirror Netflix best TV series episodes review from Season 1 - 5 - uslis

We are going to review Black Mirror Netflix best TV series episodes from Season 1 – 5 stories and characters cast we love in the show they live in and let's talk about Black Mirror. Black Mirror is an anthology. Black Mirror Netflix TV series is directed by Charlie Brooker. Black Mirror Netflix TV series Star cast Daniel Lapaine, Hannah John-Kamen, Michaela Coel. Black Mirror Netflix TV series basically means that every episode has its own separate story.  The stories in black mirror are usually extreme what-if situations. What if people could record and playback everything they say to each other, what if an animated character ran for political office, what if the culture of liking and rating each other on social media became the normal way of life. In the real world each episode examines a sort of worst case scenario it almost always has something to do with technology and the abuse of some form of technology and the human tendency to always be well. The worst Black Mirror often takes something from real life and amplifies it. They try to see where was this thing go with the most extreme condition as of making this video Black Mirror has three seasons all currently available on Netflix with three episodes on season one, four episodes on season two including the Christmas specials and six episodes on season three which is a Netflix original

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Black Mirror Netflix best TV series episodes from Season 1 - 5

Black Mirror TV series is a unique show it often doesn't just tell a story but gives you something to think about how would you behave in this situation the main characters in most Black Mirror stories are ordinary people with the point being these are not evil or crazy people these are just human beings doing human beings things the reactions and behaviors are of course sometimes exaggerated in the show but are they though don't you know at least one person who's obsessed with how many life they get to a level where it's a little weird. Season one and two are some of the highest quality TV series out there in my opinion some of the episodes are disturbing and most of them will stay with you long after you watch them and regardless of the subject matter each episode is a showcase of beautiful filmmaking the performances are always great the cinematography is always impressive each episode of Black Mirror is done in a different style so it never feels like you're just you know watching another one each episode is an experience. Season three is still good but overall I feel like it several leagues below Black Mirror seasons 1 & 2 there are some great episodes in season 3 but it feels like the seasons sort of strayed from the show mission some episodes feel like they could have been a part of Black Mirror seasons 1 & 2 but most don't. 

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Something that you have to keep in mind about Black Mirror is that while you're watching it you're always waiting for the thing that will happen and reveal what this episode is truly about and Black Mirror seasons 1 & 2 I didn't feel like I'm just waiting around for it because the rest like all the other things were equally interesting but in season 3 on most episodes I got the feeling of ok let's just get to the thing don't get me wrong season 3 is still pretty great and definitely worth watching even the less great episodes are expertly made. I just didn't feel that they were as strong as most of seasons 1 & 2 episodes this is not a show to binge watch there are no cliffhangers and obviously there's no continuity and if an episode did its job you'll just want to sit there quietly and stare blankly at the wall for a while after you watched it this is a show to watch here and there which is part of the reason it took me so long to get this review done. 

Black Mirror Netflix best TV series episodes review from Season 1 - 5

My favorite episodes are season 1 the entire history of you and the national anthem and season 2 the Waldo moment and if I had to pick a season 3 favorites then probably shut up and dance or plate it. Bottom line should you watch Black Mirror is a fascinating show and yes I definitely think you should watch it you can even watch it out of order which is pretty nice seasons 1 & 2 are pretty much TV masterpieces while season 3 is still great TV more than worth your time but not as hard-hitting as the first two season which Black Mirror episode is your favorite which episode cuts you the deepest and what do you think about season 3.

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