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The grudge 2020

The grudge 2020 full movie review is our today’s topic it’s a first Hollywood horror mystery film of 2020 and 3rd January is the release date of this Hollywood horror mystery movie so we're going to talk about a horror mystery movie because as usual the first Hollywood movie released in a new year 2020 seems to be a horror mystery film I don't know why they do it but that's what they do this time it's The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie once again a house that is cursed by a vengeful ghost dooms those who enter it a violent death enjoy arise burrow plays detective Muldoon a police officer investigating that house and the many horrific events that surround it there have been many grudge films of course the original grudge movies are the Japanese ones the first being pretty unsettling and the American remakes Sarah Michelle Gellar in the 2004 one being the most famous and while The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie franchise definitely has reliably creepy atmosphere and a villain that is also very disturbing the American Hollywood horror mystery films were never as creepy as the originals even though the first remake of Grudge Horror Mystery movie was actually directed by the man who made the original and so I've always wondered why this Grudge horror mystery movie series continues even in Japan it's gone on and on and on with various remakes even a vs. movie this Grudge horror mystery film is trying so hard to be really dramatic and it's telling a horror mystery story over many different time periods connecting events to this one location where various families are involved this is nothing new but the real issue is that this Hollywood horror mystery film seems to think the events it's uncovering the things that it's keeping as a mystery are these incredible horror mystery sequences that are just going to blow your mind but it's not like a kid will have a nose-bleed and you don't know why the kid has a nose-bleed.

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The grudge 2020 boy Nose bleed

Then later you find out oh that's why the kid had a nosebleed. In fact I'll go as far as to say this Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie is horrendously boring there is nothing worse than a boring horror mystery movie you have a very simple job when you are a watching The grudge film you're just supposed to scare us fairly often and tell a compelling story this Hollywood horror mystery movie really doesn't do those things and if you're expecting to see your antagonist that you're used to seeing in these Hollywood horror mystery films they do something here that feels more like a zombie movies and I kind of loathe that much to my dismay this film thinks his characters are a lot more interesting than they are it thinks it's Direction is a lot more interesting than it is and it sure thinks it's a lot scarier than it is too and it's definitely not because it's mostly filled with cheap jump scares from beginning to end and you're going to experience a lot of those and you're going to see every single one of them coming in fact.

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I started to predict everything that was going to happen in this The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie in my head you know I hate doing that I really tried to turn that part of my brain off when I watch a movie and just roll with the punches the filmmaker is showing to me. I don't like trying to guess where the director is going but in this The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie. I could see just about every turn before it happened this is coming from the same filmmaker who made The Eyes of My Mother which is actually pretty good and that was definitely a low-budget feature film and you could see that was somebody really yearning to make films and I can understand how a studio might pluck someone like that from obscurity and say here's a franchise unfortunately there are aspects of this The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery that are also trying to be the things that I think this indie filmmaker likes the way the end credits appear for instance which produced a lot of audible groans in my theater tonight there's moments that feel very indie and strange like that but at the same time this is a big horror mystery movie part of the well-known franchise and it feels like the filmmaker is a conflict with himself throughout the entire The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery film because he's restrained in a way to have to deliver consistent jump scares over and over again and there doesn't feel like there's any real passion behind them in fact there are aspects of the movie that almost feels like they used Computer Graphics shadows like in a window to create some tension that maybe they weren't even thinking they were going to create while shooting it but they watch the movie and realize there aren't enough scare so.

We should probably have a shadow every character in this The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie is either pregnant or dealing with a death in the family or a terrible case that went wrong everyone has to pass they're hiding from and nobody wants to talk about it the film is filled with characters that are afraid to discuss things that are important to them and because of that The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery movie is drawn out to these arcs for all of them that you can see coming a mile away and especially an ending that you can see coming a mile away there's no surprises in this Hollywood Horror Mystery movie the only thing about this The Grudge film I can recommend is Lin Shaye  who is an insanely underrated actress.

The grudge 2020

I love her and whenever she's on screen she's bringing something Andrea Riseborough  bad in the movie and neither is Demián Bichir it's just that there's not much for them to do by far has the best and most fun out of any of them and you can really feel that coming out of her but beyond that this Hollywood horror mystery film is an extremely boring movie and if you're a fan of The Grudge Hollywood horror mystery franchise which honestly I'm really not because I like the original Grudge and yeah that's about it if you're a fan I can see you being really disappointed by this The Grudge 2020 Hollywood horror mystery movie. This is definitely the first week of January I would suggest seeing Just Mercy or Uncut gems or really just about anything else except Cats

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