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Good Newwz Movies Review - Akshay Kumar Bollywood comedy match - uslis

Good Newwz movie review is our today’s topic.  Good Newwz. Starring Akshay Kumar Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh. So here we are reviewing the last film of 2019.

Good Newwz Movie Review - Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh perfect comedy match - uslis

After the unforgettable movies of Salman Khan as Dabang 3. The last weekend of the year offered the Dharma productions Good Newwz. Good Newwz movie with its star cast has lot of expectations and I have to say that the movie Good Newwz delivers exactly what it intended to. Good Newwz is a commercial situational comedy movie that provides for a bit of everything. Good Newwz focuses on two couples with the same Surname “Batra”. One of South Mumbai and the other from Chandigarh that peruse in-vitro fertilization and wait for their babies. Only to find out that due to the Doctor’s error the sperms of both the husband has been switched.   The confusion that induced, The dilemma that each couple gets into and the concept of taking accountability for a new life in this world is basically the premise of Good Newwz.  I am showcasing the good and bad aspects of the movie Good Newwz to that you guys can decide whether to go for this film or not.  

 Good Newwz - Official Trailer 1 -
Akshay Kumar Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh

Honestly, Good Newwz movies is not a jarring quality that something with standout but there is dependence by creators to substantiate the mood of the movie. As the movie passes by a range of emotions it makes sure to tell you even with the background music with the clever and inventive writing and the performances of the film has made its way to the cinema halls.  You may also feel that there are too many songs in this movie Good Newwz and the placement of these songs may seem a bit forced.  But this does not come across with the problematic quality. It is a hilarious movie going experience. The most exceptional quality of the movie beyond its writing is as the performances by the entire cast. Kareena as Dipti are driven yet grounded individual eager to be a mother not only to stop the hearing of the incasing chat of her family but generally wanting to be a parent shows what a veteran she is on the big screen. Even though Kareena’s character is mostly reactionary or moments or its raging at the inefficiency of her husband Kapoor stands out in the emotional moments.  Shinning in the scene where she is trying to make her husband what she goes through on a daily as a pregnant woman.  Kiara Advani similarly and dramatic moment is specially shared between Kareena sequences showcasing mother’s  bonding with each other shines but definitely lacks and loud but proud quality of a Punjaban when she shares the screen time with Diljit

Good Newwz Movie Review - Akshay Kumar Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani and Diljit Dosanjh

 Generally cute but you can definitely notice the effort by the actress. The standout performance however that steel the entire film are Akshay Kumar and Diljit Dosanjh.   Diljit as honey as obnoxious yet earnest.  A man who is extremely hell-bent on making to show that his flesh and blood is produced even if it is fertilized  in another woman.  Diljit has a genuine quality that surrounds him whenever I have seen him on screen. Even when he is frustrated with the lack of cooperation with the other couple you can’t help yourself but smile at his anger. Diljit Dosanjh honestly is such a natural performer always has a lasting impression when he comes on the screen. When I heard that Badshah was being considered for this role I am glad that he transferred it to Diljit. A perfect fit for the over the top character. Akshay Kumar with his fifth film this year, his fifth film has honestly got the box office formula right. He not only showcases that he is a capable actor but comic timing and braking down in dramatic moments proves yet again his choice of scripts what will click audiences in the theatre Akshay and Diljit performances are simply brilliant to witness in this film. The dialogues and the quality that is undeniably brilliant in this movie Good Newwz are the dialogues written by Rishabh Sharma.

Good Newwz - Trailer 2 | Batra v/s Batra | Akshay, Kareena, Diljit & Kiara 

Any other movie that focuses on pregnancies, sperm counts it is easily for the written material to become crass or distressful. But the dialogues of this movie are generally funny. There was never a punch line that I felt was forced which was the case of Akshay’s HouseFull 4. Good Newwz movie has several sequences that will make you burst out laughing. When Kareena’s character is consistently telling her husband to cooperate with her husband played by Akshay Kumar says “May Under say such chukka Hoon dhua likal rahi hain” The couple visits their parents’ home knowing very well there are not bringing any good news Kareena says that this is how the Indian cricket team feels when they returns without a trophy to which Husband replies “Tu Virat Kohli hain jisay desh ko bharosa hain ki ek din trophy le ke ayegi”. These are few of the dialogues which will make you wonder how effective clever and inventive writing can turn out to be especially in a life comedy. 

The Good Newwz movie is 2 hours and 14 minutes long. The Good Newwz movie makes generally laugh in this later half. The movie on the flip side is extremely crisp inside it. Be it sequences where the annoying aunties of the families and hounding wife star have the baby already, discussion of sex position, what was best to conceive. Akshay Kumar at his full range shouting at the doctor saying “Inkay pet may is gadhe ka sperm?” The movie transits to several sequences that you will make you appreciate the brilliant design and the structure of the story telling. The Good Newwz movie has a breeze in its story telling and successfully shed light on parental role. The great first doctorial projects by Raj Mehta that will not only make you laugh but also make you care about the principle character. Let me know what you guys think about this Good Newwz movie put on the comment below and as always if you enjoyed my reaction and review to this Good Newwz movie review make sure to hit the share button follow us on Facebook and twitter also subscribe the newsletter of

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