Darbar movie trailer review - Rajinikanth

Today we're going to check out the Darbar motion poster it's a Tamil film directed by AR Murugadoss and starring the one and only superstar Rajinikanth so this film is coming out on Pongal 2020. 

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After Petta, Darbar movies in Tamil is also came out in Pongal Rajinikanth is back on screen so this time is collaborating with AR Murugadoss to be honest the last movie from AR Murugadoss wasn't that great I was totally disappointed I know AR Murugadoss because he is a promising and talented director because he made movies like Kaththi, Thuppakki,  I even Spyder  I was actually disappointed Sarkar didn't meet my expectation but when like a production announced this film of Rajnikant and AR Murugadoss combination I was really really excited so we can see the Rajinikanth is going to be playing a police officer in this film I know it did a few movies before packing it dates as a police official role so it's going to be quite interesting to see him in this role and I'm a big fan as you guys know of Rajnikant superstar Rajinikanth I love this previous movie 2.0 and Petta so I'm really eager to see what this movie's going to  showcase also they retain the same a technical team of Kaththi so we have a music by Anirudh Ravichander and he's really known for his background score and we have also cameraman Santosh Sivan  so this technical team is really very strong so without wasting more time guys let's watch a react to Durbar motion poster let's go let's do this I'm really excited for this

 Darbar movies trailer - Rajinikanth

Well guys I'm impressed by this motion poster terrific background score composed by Anirudh Ravichander. I mean he's really known for making the badass background score on superstar Rajinikanth looks as young as ever he looks super stylish I love is attire and costume as a police officer and we can see he's playing like a badass sort of a police officer I am definitely a high expectation for Darbar the motion poster was terrific and it gives a lot of expectation for this film I mean we can guarantee is going to be a biggest blockbuster especially because Darbar coming on Pongal and super star Rajinikanth looks definitely really really stylish.

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I can't wait to see him playing as a role as a police officer and we can see also in this motion poster Rajnikant as a big sword and we can see it's like slashing people so we're going to expect a lot of action a lot of mass element as well as long as the screenplay is there because a Morgana's needs to fully concentrate and focus on the screenplay and have a very strong storyline with an engaging script as well and hopefully the characterization of Rajinikanth is going to be really good but whenever we are Raja Khan you know is going to bring so much hype for this film and just looking at him on screen will make fans like myself and other fans go crazy because just his screen presence his expression and his charisma elevate the screen to another level and whenever it gives his dialogue delivery and his mass movements like action scenes and his own style it's always crazy to see him on screen so as far as I can see this movie is going to be a proper entertaining mask commercial movie with the police background based story as well so let's see what I am organized is going to do in this film I know when you have AR Murugadoss and you actually directing a big superstar Rajinikanth you cannot disappoint so hopefully it's going to be really strong when it comes to screenplay and story writing because this is why it's important when it comes to this type of film it really needs to be really engaging and know of too many unnecessary scene but we can see that the action set-pieces is going to be grand the motion poster itself looks very stylish and very well made I love the music the look of Rajnikant and it's got a lot of lot of great stuff and a great moment to cherish in this movie we also have Nayanthara pairing up with virtual can't I think this is the second movie I think the previous movie was Chandramukhi so she's the love interest of Rajnikant as long as AR Murugadoss doesn't include too many unnecessary songs and like the wrong placement of songs  make a little bit more engaging with no unnecessary comedy and action set-pieces the new movie is going to live up to the expectation. 

darbar movie trailer review rajinikanth

I remember AR Murugadoss is really good when it comes to action scenes and how a paces  the screenplay and how he makes it engaging to the audience I know maybe he's going to have probably a small message like any other aim work across movie I know and I hope this movie will not have many political references as we see from previous a AR Murugadoss  film because this is Rajnikant  film you know it's going to have all the element to please and to satisfy the audience like a mass element commercial element action scenes the dialogue delivery the mass dialogue and so on and so on and we can see that superstar Rajinikanth look terrific you can see swag is mannerism even the way he sits down on that chair you look so stylish the ways holding that sword.

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I mean everybody's going to go crazy and this is the right time to bring this movie during Pongal these festivities so a lot of people can go be the family I enjoyed this film because this is definitely going to be a pure entertainment at the cinema and look at a look at his age guys at this age is to making big films to do for his audiences for his fan it's something to be proud of because I don't see many legendary actor like him in Indian cinema to sustain his record his capability at the box office and Rajnikant proves again is the one and only super stuff on the Indian cinema I don't know whether it's gonna make movies in future I presume it's gonna jump into politics after this film but I really like to see Rajnikant  making more movies because his movies always entertaining and always satisfying to watch because there's always something unique about his films and you give us a brilliant album and background score for Petta  so I'm expecting the same in this movie I know it did good for Vijay's cut the movie AR Murugadoss but good background score so I'm expecting the same thing in Darbar because there's only you should petition for his music because in petta  he nailed he give us such a good background score on album the music was really good to hear the soundtrack was amazing so I'm expecting the album also of Darbar.  

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Santosh Sivan also is the cameraman behind this film so we can expect really good shots like in Thuppakki  so I'm really expecting this film to be big and do well at the box office so I'm really excited to watch the teaser under trailer for this film Darbar because there's a lot of expectation and what else we can get to see in store from AR Murugadoss and Rajinikanth combo so this was my reaction and review to Darbar motion poster let me know what you guys think about these Darbar motion poster done. Please comment in below also if you're enjoying my reaction and review article make sure to hit that share button follow us to encourage uslis.com

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