65th Filmfare Awards 2020 winners list was fair or fixed? – Uslis

65th Filmfare Awards 2020 winners list was fair or fixed? – Uslis

65th Filmfare Awards 2020 winners list was fair or fixed? There are many awards distribution ceremony that are organized in India. Out of those, Filmfare awards distribution ceremony has a great importance in Bollywood film industry.  Bollywood actor, Bollywood actress or a technician, everyone who is a part of Bollywood film industry eagerly waits for this Filmfare award show.  Winning this Filmfare award is considered to be a prestigious moment in the entire film career. 

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If we talk about 65th Filmfare Awards 2020 then I should mention that the nomination that has won the awards in this 65th Filmfare Awards 2020 winner’s ceremony is very disappointing. As a film critic we should mention that in some nominations for the best Filmfare award there could have been better options.   

65th Filmfare Awards 2020 Ayushman Khurana Article 15

First of all, I would like to discuss about the Filmfare award given for best Bollywood story. This award has been given to the film “Article 15”. Article 15 is a Bollywood film based on real life incident. It is also related to the current political scenario, therefore it was expected that the director should make this Bollywood movie, with utmost truth, they should have included real facts and incidents in this film. A film based on real life incident where the main topic was social caste it has been improperly shown in this film and this film got nominated for “Best original Story” Filmfare award. The film mainly showcases about the caste of the girl who has been raped, the social caste of the person who has raped the girl and the social caste of the people who have rescued the girl. However, merging of social Caste with a subject like rape is really unfair. The question is if the main topic of your film is social racism then how can you change the caste of the characters in your film? In this scenario awarding “Article 15” for “Best original Story” Filmfare award is really disappointing. Films like “Uri” who could have won this award. It seems that they have somehow overlooked the film like “Manikarnika”, “Kesari”, “The Tashkent Files”. 

Ghungroo Songs War Movie Hrithik Roshan

The 65th Filmfare Awards 2020 for “Best Playback Singer - Female” goes to “Shilpa Rao”. She got this award for singing a remake song in the film “War”. Do you admit that this song or this singer really deserve this 65th Filmfare Awards? In 2019, when there were plenty of remake songs in Bollywood film industry, some original songs were also released. However, the original songs were considered and this remake song finally got the 65th Filmfare Awards. If you carefully listen this song “Ghungroo” from the film “War” then you will easily realize the use of machine and modern techniques to cover the loopholes of the female voice.  Therefore, questions do arise when this singer gets the best playback singer. There were songs like “Ye Aina” from the film “Kabir Singh” then the song “Ghar More Pardesiya” from the film “Kalank” both sung by Shreya Ghoshal could have been a better option for this 65th Filmfare Awards. 

The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best Playback Singer - Male” goes to “Arijit Singh”. He got this award for singing the title song in the film “Kalank”. There is no doubt that Arijit Singh is a great singer and he has sung this song very beautifully. However, in my opinion there is many other song of Arijit Singh that could have won this award. For example the song of Arijit SinghTujhe Kitna Chahne Lage” from the film “Kabir Singh”.

The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best lyrics” goes to the song “Apna Time Ayega” from the film “Gully Boy”.  Lyrics are considered to be the soul of a song.  This song is basically a rap song. The lyric of this song is good but not as good that it can win the best lyrics award for best lyrics.  There were many other songs whose lyrics are much better than this as an example, the song “Teri Mitti” from the film “Kesari”. 

Gully Boy Song Apna Time Ayega

The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best Music Album” goes to the film “Gully Boy”. Once again a question comes in mind that what was so special about the song of the film “Gully Boy” that it has won so many music awards. Why not “Kabir Singh”?

Tapsee Pannu Bhoomi Pednekar in 65th Filmfare Awards 2020 Saand Ki Aankh Bollywood Movie     
The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best Female Actress (critics)” goes to “Tapsee Pannu/Bhoomi Pednekar” for their role in the film “Saand Ki Aankh”. The story or the subject of this film is good. However, it is really surprising to see that some young artists who are 25-30 years old are portraying the role of aged characters. There were many other senior actresses in Bollywood actress like, Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, Rekha, Shabana Azmi, Tabu who could have done these roles with ease.  The facial makeup was not up to the mark. According to my opinion forcefully featuring these two actresses as aged by using poor quality makeup cannot be accepted as Best Female Actress (critics).

 The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best Male Actress (critics)” goes to “Ayushman Khurana” for the film “Article 15”.  It is not that he is not eligible for this award. However there were some other better choices like Shahid Kapoor for his role in the film “Kabir Singh” and “Anupam Kher”for his role in the film “Accidental Prime Minister.”

The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best Director” goes to “Zoya Akhtar” for the film “Gully Boy”.  It seems as if Zoya Akhtar being a family member of Javed Akhtar got some advantages. A director is the person who has a good story that can be filmed and who have convinced the actors and producers to make this film and film director Zoya Akhtar has these qualities. Being the sister of Farhan Akhtar she got a huge support from his brother‘s end.  We can see the glimpse of Farhan Akhtar’s style of film making in her making of film, the best director award could be given to “Aditya Dhar” for his film “Uri”. 

The 65th Filmfare Awards for “Best Film” goes to “Gully Boy”.  A fictional film which has been marked and send for Oscar Nominations by some renowned people of India does not essentially means that the film qualifies for Oscar nominations.   

Even Alia Bhatt was also not the right choice for Best actress for her role in “Gully Boy”. When we see “Kangana Ranaut” made “Manikarnika” a blockbuster film with any male actor.

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