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Pati Patni Aur Woh Bollywood Movie is coming to a close 6th of December is one of the biggest weekends with respect to Indian movie releases the first one that I stepped in the theater for was the comedy Pati Patni Aur Woh starring Karthik Aryan, Bhoomi Pednekar and Ananya Pandey the movie is directed by Happy Bhag Jayegi director Mudattar Aziz and is a remake of the BR Chopra directed film with the same name which released in 1978 and start Sanjeev Kumar Vidya Sinha and Ranjeeta and lead roles whether director claims that the movie has no connection with the original I have to assure you that it is exactly what it is. 

Pati Patni Aur Woh Movies

Pati Patni Aur Woh is a remake the movie focuses on Abhinav Tyagi played by Karthik Aryan who meets Vidika played by Bumi Pednekar and sparks immediately fly and the two of them get married but as the Tapasya Singh played by a Ananya Pandey enters Abhinav’s life as an urban woman trying to purchase inexpensive land there is instant attraction in the desire for Abhinav  to venture into uncharted territory Tapasya knows Abhinav  is married so the curious man has to come up with a way by which the Tapasya will sympathize with him and maybe even entertain his company so he comes up with a lie that his wife is having an affair unlike the original were the big lies that the main characters wife has cancer which was way worse by the way the movie leads on to focus on the cover-ups lies and moments of deceit heartbreak and redemption that take place among the three principal characters.

 Pati Patni Aur Woh Movies trailer

Here is me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to go for the film or not the underwhelming aspects the music there has been somehow or trend or it can be better perceived to be a curse that there cannot be any commercial Hindi film that will not include remakes of classic hindi songs the thought process with which the creators approach this is that there is an instant callback to the fond memories of the original and thus the song will be shared more what maybe started off as a novelty idea has now turned into an never ending reality of Hindi cinema Pati Patni Aur Woh vows to most popular songs of both remakes one the iconic number performed by Govinda and Raveena Tandon from movie Dulhay Raja Akhio say goli marey compared to the original both from a music and choreography standpoint is no match to the original second Dhemay Dhemay a song that was literally released this year has been remade into a hindi movie now - it's become more than remaking anything rather than even going down memory lane the only take away from the music in this film is – Tu he yaar Mera sung beautifully by a Arijit Sing in the same year where we have had films like Kabir Singh and gully boy that featured beautiful original music.

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I don't understand why this trend never comes to an eventual end second-half problems see what happens with the situational comedy is that the confusion among the several characters in this film can reach to a point where it gets completely exhausting  Pati Patni Aur Woh which made you genuinely laugh at its gags and made you smile for the relationship Abhinav and be the car shared gets lost in the Kiskay Saath affair hain oh is kay Saath achha ye kaun hain formula there are sequences just placed as fillers until there is some kind of closure provided to the viewer’s when the characters finally meet the parents are trying to figure out why the relationship is having problems with the same judgemental Indian parents persona that the other person's kid may have messed up there is an unnecessary drunk sequence where we see the hero binge drink trying to suppress his sorrows leading for him to break public property even further leading to a highly forced upon chase sequence for the police so in many ways the charm and wit of the movie especially in the second half when we as viewers I just trying to understand how things will conclude gets very tiring the good chemistry the highlight of the film beyond its performances is the chemistry shared between several characters.
It becomes essential for any situational comedy that the actors deliver dialogues like a natural back-and-forth between individuals the screenplay and dialogues written by Mudassar Aziz provides that ease in scenes shared especially between Karthik and Apar Shakti and Karthik and Bhoomi Karthik's annoyance with Apar Shakti and the latter's loyalty no matter how morally wrong Karthik's actions are showcased some of the funniest moments from the movie Karthik and Bumi's first scene only gives you a picture of why the characters and the actors were meant to share the screen together in a comedy we because honesty at cheeky humor which is matched by Karthik's rather horny and surprising one-liners account for some of the greatest moments from the film the performances the movie's biggest strength is that all of the performances holistically worked wonders Ananya Pandey has the least amount of reins to show off with respect to the material given to her but she did as much as the character could present without being too overbearing or inconsequential Apar Shakti just like Mohammed Hashanah you a few years ago has made his mind up to play the best friend of the leading man in every film despite getting typecast is the best friend in every movie it is undeniable that Apar Shakti isn't natural on the big screen he has the best lines in the film him gulping down his pond before he tries to mouth a few sentences in English or every step of the way trying to cover his best friend's tracks so that he goes scot-free I hope Apar Shakti gets the opportunity in future projects to showcase something other than just being that funny best friend

Karthik Aryan is in his comfort zone in this film because of which the act is convincing in his part Abhinav Tyagi a man who keeps on talking about his first girlfriend is satisfied with mediocrity and is never appreciative of the loving and loyal wife he has constantly seeking for something that is going to provide him momentary happiness from a character standpoint Karthik does not present anything new but at the same time these are the kind of roles he cashed in the most in the box office with I have to say though it really seems like the actors trying to possess the same mannerisms and comic timing of Akshay Kumar especially in this film his awkward laugh in this film is exactly like Akshay Kumar's in Namastey London finally the star of the show is Bhoomi Pednekar maker who is sexy opinionated and the ideal catch for anyone honestly every time Karthik's character was gravitating towards and Ananya’s character I wondered who wouldn't be with a woman like Vedika loyal beautiful and extremely funny Bhoomi  has this effortless quality of being vulnerable in emotional moments drop-dead gorgeous in a red sari and give the main lead a run for his money if he tries to act smart definitely the highlight performer finally I want to conclude by saying that this movie has done a lot of corrective work from the original material moments of regressiveness of portrayals of women that were demure and were more like pushovers have been transformed taking into account the social climate of today the dialogue in the trailer which was implying marital rape has been altered the women do not stand up for bullshit and make their own choices independent of familial or societal pressure so my assumptions that the film would be regressive and sexist were actually not true and I was pleasantly surprised by that it can be your personal opinion whether or not a character like Abhinav should even get a Redemption arc for what he did but from a narrative standpoint the women were portrayed as having their own unique voice in this film go into the theatre if you want to witness another breezy romantic comedy featuring Karthik Aryan doing the same chocalate boy antics this film however is not something which will make you uncontrollably laugh a good attempt and a new take on a classic Hindi film but seriously can we see something new from Karthik.

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