Panchayat Web Series movie review Trailer Release Date Cast Episodes – Amazon Prime

Panchayat Web Series movie review, Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Episodes – Amazon Prime

Amazon prime video, Panchayat  Web Series movies review, trailer, cast, wiki, Imbd rating, episodes, release date in India is our today’s topic. Amazon Prime Originals recently released Panchayat  Web Series.

Panchayat Web Series Trailer

About Panchayat web series

Panchayat is a web series released on Amazon Prime Video. Panchayat web series was directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra and produced by TBF.  Every episode of the Panchayat web series is half-hour.

Panchayat web series Story

Panchayat is a story about Abhishek Tripathi played by Jitendra Kumar as young graduates in New Delhi. He applies for a government job at a village panchayat as a backup as it turns out that's the only job he learns. Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek has never lived in a village before and now he ends up in Ballia district in UP.

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As per IMDB, Panchayat Indian Web series Hindi movies is rated 9.0 out of 10 which was voted by more than 7,500 members.

Panchayat web series Cast

Jitendra Kumar                     Abhishek Tripathi

Raghuvir Yadav                    Brij Bhushan Dubey

Chandan Roy                         Vikas

Faisal Malik                           Prahlad Pandey

Neena Gupta                         Manju Devi

Biswapati Sarkar                   Prateek

Subendhu Chakraborty        Mangal

Sushil Tondon                       Bhindeshwar

Pooja Singh                            Rinki

Kusum Shastri                       District Magistrate

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Panchayat web series Episodes

Panchayat Episode 1: Gram Panchayat Phulera

Panchayat Episode 2: Bhootha Ped

Panchayat Episode 3: Chakke Wali Kursi

Panchayat Episode 4: Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho?

Panchayat Episode 5: Computer Nahi Monitor

Panchayat Episode 6: Bahot Hua Samman

Panchayat Episode 7: Ladka Tez Hai Lekin..

Panchayat Episode 8: Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera

Panchayat web series Release Date

The Panchayat web series was released on April 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

How to watch Panchayat web series online free

Panchayat web series can be watched exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, Breathe 2 will be not streamed on other platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Sky, Voot, and Zee5. So my dear web series lovers you need to get Amazon Prime Video subscriptions to watch those exclusive web series going to released on 2020 in India like The Family Man Season 2, Breathe Season 2 or Four More Shots Please season 2.

You can watch Panchayat web series for free on Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video gives us 1 month free trial so that we can enjoy all original series of Amazon Prime video for 1 month.

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Panchayat web series Review

Panchayat Web Series movie review Trailer Release Date Cast Episodes – Amazon Prime

When Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi posted as a village Panchayat in Ballia district at UP in India. His friend in encouraging him by saying “Yeh Swades ke Mohan Bhargava bunye Ka  mauka  hai” but his reality is far less exciting.  The series is about Abhishek adjusting to a life that works on a different rhythm, so in the first episode one of his associates wakes him up at like 9:00 a.m. and says “Utho ab dopaher ho gaya”. The electricity keeps going the keys to the office where Abhishek also has to live to get lost he's just lonely and irritable what I like is that there is no drama here there's no sort of outsize conflict. 

It’s all much understated and low-key which is also what makes it very funny Deepak and Chandan Kumar who wrote the series keep it authentic most of it has been shot on location.

 The dialogue is keenly observant and terrific keep an eye “Lauki” you know the vegetable it plays a supporting role. Each episode hinges around some small thing like Abhishek buys a new chair or he goes to the local market to get his photograph taken for the cat exam for which he's appearing but these small things these things that just seem trivial actually give you a deeper insight into rural life and into these characters all of whom have been etched with a lot of care.

Apart from Abhishek, Brij Bhushan Dubey to be played by Raghuvir Yadav and his wife Manju Devi played by Neena Gupta, the office helper Vikas played by Chandan Roy and Prahlad Pandey, the deputy Pradhan played by Faisal Malik.

The acting is first Jeetendra Kumar who's the TVA's staple anchors the show you know he has this lovely everyman quality about him he's also very funny when he's seething and just irritable with everything that's happening he really captures Abhishek frustration and he's sort of just anger at the situation that he's in all of these actors have a wonderful lived in warmth and chemistry no one hits a false note. 

Panchayat web series about cliff hangers you're not going to binge you watch this show because you're dying doesn't know what happens in the next episode this is a sleepy village nothing much happens but you will keep going because you so deeply invested in the characters.

I don't know how many of you have seen a film called “English August”. It was directed by Dev Benegal. Rahul Bose as Agastya Sen, an IAS officer who sent to this small village. The film was all about his sense of dislocation and alienation and how he cooked by a kind of losing himself but in smoking pot and in the erotic fantasies. 

Panchayat is basically the opposite of that it's an affectionate portrait of a life that many of us don't know enough about in the last episode Abhishek says “Is gaon se to pyar hone se raha” but that's exactly what happens I really like Panchayat Web series.

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