Dangerous Lies movie Cast Trailer Release Date Story Review – Netflix

Dangerous Lies movie Cast Trailer Release Date Story Review – Netflix

Netflix Originals, Dangerous Lies movies trailer, cast, story, wiki, episodes, release date, IMDB rating is our today’s topic. Netflix Originals may be recently declared that Dangerous Lies   will be back with Dangerous Lies. Netflix is one of the largest OTT platforms throughout the world.

Netflix Originals video online streaming platform already entertained its audiences and subscribers with a lot with web series & movies, However recently Netflix Originals video comes with lots of more fun with its upcoming the short films which will be having more Romance, Drama, and Thriller stories in these lockdown quarantine situations in India during this global threat of Covid19, Coronavirus or coronary artery disease.

Dangerous Lies movie Trailer - Netflix

Dangerous Lies movie trailer was released by Netflix on their official YouTube channel and Website.

Dangerous Lies Story Plot - Netflix

Dangerous Lies  movies story is about a young woman who takes care of an elderly man she hasn't worked for him very long before he dies unexpectedly then she and her husband inherit his mansion which causes the police to kind of raise an eye about the weird set of coincidences where this young woman who barely knows this old guy now inherits a very large amount of wealth.

Dangerous Lies   movies can be watched exclusively on Netflix, Dangerous Lies movie will be not streamed on other platform like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sky, voot and Zee5. So my dear   lovers you need to get Netflix subscriptions to watch those exclusive movie and web series going to released on 2020.

Dangerous Lies movie IMDB Rating

As per IMDB, Dangerous Lies   movies is rated 5.3 out of 10 which was voted by more than 900 members.

Dangerous Lies movie Cast - Netflix

Dangerous Lies movie Cast is Nick Purcha, Joe Costa, Camila Mendes, Briana Skye, Jessie T. Usher, Sean Owen Roberts, Trevor Lerner and Elliott Gould

Dangerous Lies Release Date – Netflix Originals

Dangerous Lies movie film was released on 30th April 2020 on Netflix Originals video.

Dangerous Lies movie review - Netflix Originals

Dangerous Lies movie Cast Trailer Release Date Story Review – Netflix

what if you took some aspects from knives out and parasite and you put that into a Netflix original movie when you combine those two awesome movies and you make it terrible well you get the Netflix original film dangerous lies movies of Netflix no matter how much they tout Camila Mendes as the star he still can't make it go from bad to good.

I think from the marketing that I've seen on dangerous lies Netflix is really banking on the popularity of the star Camila Mendes and her role on Riverdale. 

I've never seen the show and I don't actually intend on watching it so I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to her appeal and the story really does try to have a lot of twists and turns and just mystery added to it the problem though comes from the amateur and the awkward writing that's just fills the script and what that does is that breaks down any mystery that you have or any tension that may be built or suspense and it's just ruined I like that they put a lot of coincidences into the story which is made to just instill doubt and cause misdirection.

Sometimes it actually does work okay and there are a couple of characters in this who are also meant to throw us off the trail who really meant to cause a lot of doubt in us so that we kind of raised our eyebrows and say well are we supposed to believe them or is what this being said about them true but really almost all of it comes across so stinking obvious that you just want to slap your TV.

Dangerous Lies movie Cast Trailer Release Date Story Review – Netflix

The acting and this is stiff and it really comes across as a made-for-TV movie they even managed to waste the talent of Elliott Gould he's the one playing the elderly man who Camilla Mendes cares for I really want to like this and not only because of cheesy dramas but I like mysteries as well but when you combine the poor acting with the really bad story you just get a train wreck of stupid and no mystery in it on the positive though the filming quality is a little better than.

I expected especially when you take into account all the rest of the film this isn't a wholly unwatchable film but I'm not sure really why you would subject yourself to sit there are so many better things out there to watch I mean sort of being just absolutely bored out of your skull well it is quarantine time so maybe you've reached that point and you're just looking for anything to binge and I really wish they could have done this better because you see the potential that they have you see what they were trying to do and how they were trying to set up this is this convoluted mystery which really would make us look all over the place in question almost every character and their motives and had they been able to nail back.

I think it would have been a pretty good film the problem is though you just have the stiff acting you have really amateur writing like it just all of the lines feel stilted they feel like it's the first draft of something like just not a polished final edit there's almost sex no nudity some profanity and some violence.

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