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Bhoot Trailer - full Movie Review - Bollywood film – Uslis

Bhoot Trailer - full Movie Review - Bollywood film – Uslis

Bhoot horror haunted Bollywood Hindi Movie review 2020 film. Bhoot movie star cast, release date, Budget, songs, first look HD poster and images are our today’s topic. Bhoot full movie story cast are Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar, Ashutosh Rana. Bhoot Bollywood movies release Date is on 21 February 2020 was directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh.

One genre film that Indian audiences are really looking forward to a genuinely good horror movies where over the last five years the horror comedy genre has garnered a lot of success in the form of Bollywood film Golmaal again and Bollywood film Stree gripping haunting films adjectives associated with horror Bollywood movies have not been produced actively finally and shockingly from Dharma Productions this weekend I witness Bollywood movie Bhoot the haunted ship starring Bollywood actor Vikki Kaushal Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar and Bollywood most renowned actor  Ashutosh Rana. 

 Bhoot: The Haunted Ship - Official Trailer

This Bollywood film is inspired from the incidents were massive cargo ships in the form of MS Wisdom and close to a month later mysteriously came on the shore of Juhu beach. An incident there was a heavy blow and breach to our maritime security the film focuses on Sumit Desai a serving officer played by Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal who investigates and the details of the unmanned ship how this and travels into evil spirits and a dark history of a loss on the ship as Sumit himself copes with the loss of his family is the premise of Bhoot. 

Did we finally get a good horror movie after Bollywood film Tumbbad? Can we get regular horror gold like the early two thousands of Bhoot and Bollywood film Raaz? Or is it another disappointing venture? Over here I will furnish the good and bad aspects of the film Bollywood film Bhoot so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to go for it or not.

The Good aspects

Sound design of the Bollywood film Bhoot - The trickiest skill to execute while in a horror movie is the use of sound for an intended reaction from the audience. This use of sound ranges from moments of silence just footsteps or jump scares in the form of door shutting or shrill screams. If these elements are not executed on beat two the movement of the characters it often leads to several moments where the creator's desire a gasp or flinch from the audiences to completely fall flat. This Bollywood film especially with its sound design and heart pumping background music in the form of consecutive clicks has done a praiseworthy job that is different that this Bollywood film does not possess the same magic to visually blow your mind away with its horrific sequences but credit where credit is due. 

Set design and screenplay 

Another technical aspect that needs to be appreciated in the Bollywood film is it set design to recreate a deserted unmanned cargo ship as characters move from several rooms to another truly feels like characters generally uncovering a ship's mystery in real locations. Another feature that really made me marvel at the talented individuals behind the camera is that the screenplay of this Bollywood film especially in some sequences will blow your mind away. See the movie Bhoot focuses on a man off his medication recovering from the loss of his wife and child in this manic state he sees visions that haunt him there is one breathtaking sequence as the main character communicates with his daughter through cups tied with the string as he sees the cup moving it immediately takes him back to the setting of the tragic incident helplessly crying as he communicates the same way with his daughter there are several moments such as this where the protagonist is envisioning a particular thing in quickly a transitions to what is happening in real time. Despite the poor second half and honestly a lame attempt at creating a backstory both technically more specifically visually shines in moments. 

Performances and Motivation

Bollywood Actor Viki Kaushal is the only star of the show honestly. This movie had a lot of potential in uncovering the psychological battle of a man suffering from a loss and integrating a real event in creating mysticism around it. There was so much potential in creating haunting premise that the masses would celebrate. Sadly with the poor development of the storyline Viki has to do all the heavy lifting he possesses a lingering sadness behind those eyes throughout this Bollywood film. A man wanting any purpose to help someone as he doesn't want anyone to go through the tragic loss of a loved one, you see such infectious and pure love between him and the character played by Bollywood actress Bhoomi in the musical sequence of Chana Ve and sheer heartbreaking sadness as he copes with their loss but still hangs on to their memory the frailties in the storyline especially as it progresses to its second half are too many for even a capable actor like Viki to keep this ship afloat.

The underwhelming aspects 

Slow Pace, the interesting aspect of the movie is the despite being only one hour and 57 minutes long through many of its sequences starts to feel like a drag. Despite the intense premise of some of the most celebrated horror films they have the tendency to progressively take out the skeletons from the closet, consequently really developing interest among the audience see as the movie is about uncovering a mysterious dwelling like an unmanned ship the best parallel that I can create with it is if you have seen don't breathe crooks for him to get a fortune by stealing a blind man who is more than capable and has a deep disgusting secret as a plot thickens in the film it slowly develops into revealing aspects of characters that we least expected and as it progressively gets crazy it pragmatically goes from point A to point B.

Bhoot Movie  Vicky Kaushal

Bollywood movie Bhoot on the other hand takes convenient creative decisions and jumps the gun to uncover the mystery of the ship so sporadically that it don't get invested the lack of genuine scares especially from the presumable being on the ship makes it even more underwhelming. Imagine even a horror comedy like Bhool Bhulaiya if even in that film a character like Manjulika can send chills down my spine and a film like Bhoot which is an out-and-out horror film and the mysterious character barely brings any feeling of being scared then you know the creator's goal was not reached.

Lethargic second half

The biggest letdown of the Bollywood film is its second half. The last 45 minutes of this Bollywood movie are spent in retracing the origin of the deserted ship. Who were the people that were on board? What is the history of the ship? The film resorts to spiritual mantras being told a poly fleshed out character like Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana who we basically know nothing about but he has all the knowledge of this realm and the other. He performs brilliantly by the way and he's a great vessel in any horror movie I will never forget him in the Bollywood film Raaz. But he is so poorly written and even Meher Vij introduction to the story and her flashback which honestly looks like a poor man's attempt at connecting the dots. Its explanations of why things turned out the way they did seem like a rushed creative decision. You know the sad part about Bhoot is that it honestly is a very novel attempt, at a time where horror movies are not being made in Bollywood keeping in mind their commercial value the technical efforts that are made to execute such eccentric stories are truly commendable but Bhoot can't even be that guilty pleasure horror movie that you can watch for the jump scares or eerie supernatural elements. It is visually brilliant but its lack of depth and spooks especially in its second half let it down completely.

I generally believe this universe cannot be expanded beyond this. Let's end the chapter here kudos for effort but we still need a film that makes us helplessly shut our eyes and the entire theater shriek with horror.

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