Darbar movie Chumma Kizhi Song video Review

Darbar movie Chumma Kizhi Song video Review - Rajinikanth

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Darbar movie

Today we're going to check out the first single from the Darbar and it's called Chumma Kizhi Songs so this music is composed by a Anirudh Ravichander and Darbar movie starring the one and only superstar Rajinikanth and directed by A.R. Murugadoss so as you guys know Anirudh Ravichander this is his second collaboration with superstar Rajinikanth his first collaboration was Petta. 

darbar, Chumma Kizhi, Chumma Kizhi Songs, darbar movie, Rajinikanth
Chumma Kizhi
 Petta  had an amazing album and background score one of the best album from Rajinikanth in recent years so he's back again with the collaboration of Rajinikanth as well as A.R. Murugadoss so this time is back with the third bar and I hope the sound will be little bit different the music might be different because of the team of Darbar movie because as you guys know Rajinikanth is going to play a police officer a cop in this film is definitely going to be a mass entertainer and as you guys saw yesterday there was a poster for Darbar music and it looks amazing I mean Rajinikanth looks ever dashing very handsome and very smart this actor is phenomenal guy that's why I really like his actor superstar Rajinikanth because for his age to pull up this this level of swag and mannerism and in this charisma portrays on screen looks fantastic I really love each and every song from the movie Pette the album was magnificent and you gave us great music and great songs like Marana Mass and Ullaallaa and even the team of the music was really good so I'm expecting the same thing for Darbar and in this song we have SP Balasubrahmanyam singing this first single Chumma Kizhi so without wasting more time guys let's react and listen to Darbar first single Chumma Kizhi let's go let's do this 

I really like how Anirudh Ravichander uses local instrument as well as there's a making of Chumma Kizhi song video

darbar, Chumma Kizhi, Chumma Kizhi Songs, darbar movie, Rajinikanth
Chumma Kizhi Songs

 Hey superstar Rajinikanth is not like that old song vibe to it very energetic song  look at superstar Rajinikanth eyes you're so stylish and smart  I really like what you got smiling so charming my guy Anirudh Ravichander  it there looks like this song is happening enough party like a celebration party or something man I can't wait to see Rajinikanth on screen again yeah do you really enjoy the song  Rajinikanth mean I'm pretty sure by their if they're going to shot this song that's going to be really well done Rajinikanth style who can definitely enjoy this song you can sell there it is smile so guys so this song was beautifully sung by SP Balasubrahmanyam and composed by amazing music from Anirudh Ravichander always gives fantastic music for Rajinikanth’s Petta was an exceptional album and expecting the same from Darbar this first single is definitely really good to listen to a very different kind of feel to it more like a local like in the 80's 90's feel to it and i really like it the use of instrument the melody and the music composition the lyrics were super kind of different and I like the fact that he used a few of other singers as one and we can hear what unique an own voice in this song and I was really good and as you guys saw Rajnikant is ever handsome heavy dashing is super stylish and I love his charisma is caused so much harm and even is my whenever he smiles you know is really happy and I can't wait for him to see on Darbar movies because you can expect a really mass popper entertainer and it's directed by A.R. Murugadoss I heard this is A.R. Murugadoss dream project big Rajinikanth so we can expect all the stuff that is going to please and satisfy his fans and the general audience so it's going to be a proper entertainer film with lot of mass and commercial element and to see Rajinikanth on screen is always something to share it because you don't get to see many Rajinikanth film by the fact that is making many films for his fans and for the general audience.

 I really appreciate that because I really like a person like Rajinikanth of his stature to make event big films a voice age is something to appreciate and it's really I'm really excited for this film definitely it's coming on Pongal is gonna be a great festivities when Darbar movies comes out so the first single Chumma Kizhi Songs is electrifying on pumping I really like the composition where Anirudh Ravichander gave an excellent song for the first single of Darbar movie song an expecting  the same for the other songs as well we may have another theme song as well we come away because he's really good when it comes to team song best example was Kaththi  and Petta so I'm expecting another great theme song from Darbar movie when we saw the motion poster that came a couple of weeks ago the music was really good I really liked it and we can expect definitely a mass proper commercial entertainer for this film and Rajinikanth whenever he's on screen you know it's going to be fire I'm eagerly waiting for the teaser as well as the trailer and the rest of the songs from Darbar song album because we can expect a great film from A.R. Murugadoss and Rajinikant combo so that's all guys that was my reaction and review to Darbar movie first single Chumma Kizhi Songs let me know what you guys think about this first single Chumma Kizhi Songs put it on the comment below and as always if you enjoy my reaction and review Chumma Kizhi Songs make sure to hit the share button and follow www.uslis.com also subscribe to our newsletter.

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