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The way back movie review of Ben Affleck Hollywood film - Uslis

The way back movie review of Ben Affleck Hollywood film - Uslis

The way back movie review of Ben Affleck Hollywood film. The way back film star cast, poster, and images are our today’s topic. Hunters Hollywood movie story cast is Ben Affleck, Al Madrigal, Janina Gavankar. The way back new latest Hollywood movie was written and directed by Gavin O'Connor. The way back is Hollywood Drama, Sport movie released on 6 March 2020.

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The way back was directed by Gavin O'Connor the man behind other inspirational sports films like miracle or warrior in this film star Ben Affleck. It is their second collaboration together after the accountant and he plays a former high school basketball player who was much lauded in his town for his talent but over the years he gave up the game and fell into alcoholism. When Ben Affleck given the opportunity to coach the now terrible team that he used to play on he might just have a shot at redemption inspirational sports dramas have a formula to them at this point. We kind of know what to expect there's been so many over the years and they rarely budge out of that formula there's a guy who has a checkered past of some kind he's going to coach a team that doesn't work well together they don't play well together they don't get along and maybe along the way they'll learn something about each other though win some games will get excited we'll stand up and cheer and we'll clap and it'll be fucking awesome and we'll all leave the theater feeling really happy but it's a tried and true formula that almost always works it's really easy to get excited about an underdog story and watch somebody who's nothing rise to prominence because they dealt with some problem they had or they found the power within themselves to succeed there's a reason there's so many Rocky movies and there's a reason why most of them are pretty good. 

The way back movie Ben Affleck

They're just fun it's always exciting to see a movie like this and one of the best parts of this movie without a doubt is Ben Affleck this is easily one of his best and it might actually be his best performance he's obviously pulling from a lot of real-life issues in interviews for this movie he's talked a lot about how he has struggled with alcoholism for a long time and even though he is giving a very personal performance here it doesn't feel showing it doesn't feel like look at me I'm an actor and I'm so good at this he's really restrained actually and he's without a doubt the reason to see this movie it's unfortunate that the storytelling is not as strong as his work as I said there's a formula to these movies and we kind of know where they're going to a point with this film which I'll get into in a second.

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You can't really escape the fact that you basically know where everything is going for the first two acts of this movie you're going to see a team that's not very you're going to see a coach dealing with a lot of issues Ben Affleck has an unorthodox and weird way of coaching and people at this school find that odd you know these are all things we've seen before you expect them to start winning games and to get excited that probably be like a really fun montage and yes all that's in there but there's a point in the movie where they make some risky choices some very real-world choices that I respected a lot the movie didn't use Hollywood movie logic to gloss over what could really happen to somebody who is an alcoholic in this very public situation around young people all the time there's a way that Hollywood could have made this movie but they chose not to they took a far more realistic route and I respect that because of that choice the third act was very unpredictable and I did not know where it was going which was weird usually when you see these inspirational sports movies you're waiting for the big final match or the big final game or that slow- moment where everything comes together and this movie kind of goes in a different direction.

The way back movie Ben Affleck

I appreciated that I will say that I would have liked to have seen more of a team dynamic amongst the players you don't really get to know too many of them that well they all have things they do that are funny one kid likes to dance even though they lose you know another kid is really flirty you basically get to know the team captain the most and even his character wasn't built that well and that was disappointing to me this is a very Ben Affleck centered movie and he rises to the occasion but I do think it could have been better if I knew more about these characters that are on the team still the way back is a pretty strong sports movie but it's more of a character study I would relate at most I guess to Hoosiers which is much better even still and if you've never seen Hoosiers you really should it's a damn good basketball movie but this is still a pretty strong movie with a great performance from Ben Affleck.

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