World Famous Lover Movie Review of Vijay Deverakonda Film – Uslis

World Famous Lover Movie Review of Vijay Deverakonda Film – Uslis

World Famous Lover Movie Review of Vijay Deverakonda Film. #WorldFamousLover new latest Trailer review with star cast, release date, songs, first look HD poster and images is our today’s topic. World Famous Lover full movie story cast are Vijay Deverakonda, Raashi Khanna, Aishwarya Rajesh. World Famous Lover Bollywood movies release Date is on February 14, 2020 was directed by Kranthi Madhav.  World Famous Lover is romantic Film.

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The second release of Valentine's Day that many people were looking forward to was the Vijay Deverakonda star of world famous lover. World Famous Lover Movie is an anthology of three romantic stories one real and two fictional in each story video Vijay Deverakonda plays different roles and his romantic interests keep on changing the first includes two characters in irons over know a low middle-class couple in a small town and the impact of their dynamic as Sreenu the leader of a labor union falls head-over-heels for his female boss played by Kathryn.

The second one is the love story between Gotham and a pilot that blossoms in Paris and how these fictional characters and tales mirror or coincide with the events and actions that take place in Gotham's real life specifically on his relationship which blossoms from college with Rashi Khanna who plays the role of Yamini what are the lessons of each love story what is the messaging of the film writer and director through the anthology and whether or not the storytelling was effective and powerful while here's be presenting you my perspective shedding light on the good and bad aspects of the World Famous Lover Film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to go for the film or not

The performance is one aspect of this World Famous Lover film that is absolutely undeniable is that the performances by the majority of the ensemble cast are so impressive a lot of people believe that Vijay is going in overkill mode with the hole full of rage and wronged lover but this film proved to me that he is way more than that first of all most of the haters don't even watch his films and keep on criticizing him on the pretext of Arjun Reddy no one even acknowledges Dear comrade or Geetha Govindam okay not losing track Vijay Deverakonda effectively plays a confident and capable student transitioning to a toxic and wrong lover a distant and cruel husband and father in the form of a union leader that is not privy to worldly customs and Western traditions with equal conviction he possesses such effortless charm in his interactions with the female leads and such madness when they have become distant Vijay with his performances justifies the stardom he has garnered over a period of time truly a self-made man the two women that leave a deep and lasting impression on you a Yamani played by Rashi Khanna and Aishwarya Rajesh as Suvarna. Yamani is a woman with agency patience and self-worth she sees over a period of time how individuals completely drift apart living under the same roof but living two separate lives the anguish in her eyes and deep sadness seeing Gotham thrive in his own misery is beyond commendable Aishwarya that you may remember from the 2017 film daddy showcases such a layered and painful performance she plays a housewife to a man who treats her with nothing but cruelty the slow degradation of faith in our own relationship and existence is painful to witness the frustration and slowly feeling dead inside loses out it's breathtaking to witness.

I have to further in enunciate at the fact that the chemistry shared by all the actors with Vijay Deverakonda is so effortless and natural that it made me wonder who is good all the girls or just Vijay his chemistry with Rashi Khanna especially in the coating stage will leave a smile on your face and his character in understanding the mental trauma of his wife Suvarna is going through on a day-in and day-out basis is beautiful the underwhelming aspects.

World Famous Lover Movie Vijay Deverakonda

World Famous Lover Movie suffers from what most Vijay Deverakonda possess over indulgence the problem is that the effectiveness of the interval one stories is lost when the movie carries on and on there is a reason for this as well which is pragmatic from a local audience perspective and something that we as North Indians are alien to Bollywood movies are genre specific nowadays which means that a thriller will not unnecessarily transition into a song in dance and a revenge saga at least the good ones will be short in a specific tone and color palette but with Telugu films the movie no matter the genre of the film will have a little bit of everything it'll have a slow-motion sequence comedy scenes that don't affect the grand scheme of things action shots that are infused with punch lines so little tarka off everything is accommodated in the film this often leads to the length of the film exponentially increasing something that I feel dampened the impact of this World Famous Lover film which brings me to my second point slow burn and Paris in the process of accommodating various facets of what Telugu cinema is known for the movie becomes a slow burn the impact and messaging of the film hits you so late in the latter half of the film that the journey to reach that destination like a drag see the intention of the film is to reaffirm the statement that we are what we write so we see through two stories how Gotham places character traits in fictional stories that he connects with aspects and situations that he finds himself in real life where some of these fictional stories mirroring reality work effectively the problem comes when the film transitions to what if in his story telling. The storyline of a fictional character played by Vijay heading a successful radio station in Paris and falling in love with a pilot worked individually in its messaging but its journey which includes gambling in a casino a black boy in Thai fantasy or yoga session and a random drag race makes you question the means to the end. the issue with the storytelling is that the writer Hyde jumps to talk about through characters but took us through an extremely tiring journey the Paris storyline could have been done away with the second half the biggest issue with the film is the second half and how everything binds together to Gotham's real life and heartbreak after separating from Yamini.  

World Famous Lover film creatively conveniently jumps timelines and every leap of faith suits the narrative of the protagonists the drastic and destructive decisions of the main character and how in several ways he deeply hurts the people closest to him often to the point of emotional abuse but still getting opportunity after opportunity of redemption makes you skeptical of his real-life situation as well stories we write often mirror real life as Martin Scorsese said the most creative is the most personal but the second half beyond the fictional stories that Gotham is writing to even take place in his real life becomes extremely far-fetched I want to conclude by saying that the messaging of the film basically the heart of the film and what it's trying to convey is pure and earnest of appreciating one another before it's too late of treating individuals with empathy and respect of coming to terms with what companionship is but it's long drawn premise definitely subdued the impact of these messages or lessons the World Famous Lover Movie is not like any other anthology it is much different from the independent story seen in “Darna Mana Hai” and “Dus Kahaniya”. The story is written by Gotham himself inter linked with his real life and in the ambition of trying to tell too much with the running time the film loses out on the potential of becoming iconic part of vigorous filmography it only shines in moments.

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